🔥🍔 Get ready for a sizzling interview with the Grillinator himself, Jack Mancuso, aka Chef Cuso from CusoCuts! This outdoor grilling and BBQ sensation didn’t start out as a chef but as an engineer. However, when the BBQ bug bit him, there was no turning back.

Join us as we delve into Jack’s journey from college campus cookouts to a social media sensation with millions of followers on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Discover his secret sauce of diligence, natural culinary know-how, and artistry that has made him a “license to grill” for life.

Find out where he draws inspiration for his delicious and creative recipes that come to life in his fast-paced, entertaining videos. If you’re a fan of Chef Cuso’s mouthwatering creations, you won’t want to miss this exclusive interview on The Modern Eater. Fire up the grill, grab a seat, and tune in for some grill-tastic insights from the one and only Grillinator! 🔥🍔

Check out this exclusive interview with Jack!

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