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The bakery was established in 1994 and started out with the resolve to create the best tasting sourdough bread in Colorado. 25 years later, this determination has become a reality. Proudly serving over 700 local customers, our freshly baked breads and pastries can be found as far North as Wyoming, as far South as Colorado Springs and as far West as Vail.

Aspen Baking Company is an all natural bakery and one of few that can truly state this. No preservatives, artificial coloring, or chemicals can be found in any of our baked goods. We use a GMO free palm oil, real butter versus margarine and 100% unbleached flour. The average shelf life is between 5-7 days on all breads and 4-5 days on pastries and artisanal items. Our product is delivered fresh daily as everything is made the day prior.

We believe the products produced within our facility are of the highest quality and assure all consumers of the natural ingredients with which they contain. Our goal is to maintain customer satisfaction and continuously strive to represent the freshly baked goods and services we provide.


Aspen Baking Company
8035 E 40th Avenue
Denver CO 80207
Phone: (303) 333-6025


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