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Element Knife Company offers high-end cutlery, sharpening stones and accessories. We make sales calls in the Denver Metro area showcasing product to chefs and crews on location along with providing free knife sharpening clinics. Element Knife company wants to help chefs and foodies obtain high-end cutlery and accessories at affordable prices. As a chef-driven company, we believe it’s important that the quality of your tools and manner in which they are cared for match the depth of your enthusiasm.



Yoshihiro cutlery has specialized in the production of superior handcrafted Japanese knives for more than a century. Renowned in Japan for exceptional quality, Yoshihiro offers an extensive selection of both western-style cooking knives and sushi-specific knives.



The history of Japanese knife making has roots dating back to 14th century Japan. Swordsmiths learned and perfected forging methods using iron, fire and water. During the Edo period, Japan was literally closed to the outside world and its craftsmen had to come up with their own ideas and products. It is during this time, in the Sakai region of Japan, the idea that a knife could be crafted with a single cutting-edge, not two, as with those from China. Swordsmithing techniques carried over into knife smithing. Yoshihiro’s Shokunin (the Japanese word for artisans) blend these time honored traditions and skills with modern metallurgy to create a superior product.

Globally, top chefs have taken notice and sought Japanese kitchen knives due to their artful beauty and exceptional performance. In turn, Yoshihiro knives have gained popularity and have been finding their way into discerning kitchens. When handled, the Yoshihiro “sweet point” is noticed right away. This is a point located one-third down the knife blade from the tip and when you swing the knife vertically you feel its optimum balance.

Determined to ensure the the highest quality blades to their customers, Yoshihiro embodies the heritage of Japanese innovation, artistry, and dedication.



After medaling in American Culinary Federation cooking competitions Chef Wenzel graduated from Colorado Mountain Culinary Institute as Apprentice of the Year. Subsequently, Chef Wenzel studied in Japan, where he was exposed to a broad array of cutlery, tools, sharpening stones, and techniques. Now, after more than two decades in the industry, he has developed a much deeper appreciation for Japanese cutlery.

Currently working as a sushi chef in Colorado, Chef Wenzel has been distributing high-end knives and offering knife sharpening clinics to restaurants in the Denver Metro area. Presently, Chef Wenzel is taking appointments to view his knife and stone inventory. He will come to you, so gather your crew together for a knife-sharpening clinic as well.


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