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“Raquelitas makes it the way it should be made, not the easy way, the right way” – that’s a quote from one of our competitors. We never take short cuts. For example, our masa making process has been featured on the Food Network because we hand craft our masa the same way it’s been done for thousands of years from cooked whole kernel corn and lime, ground between lava rock stones. Our entire creative process from recipe to baking is to achieve greatness, not low cost.

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We work hard to be kind to our environment and be good stewards of the beautiful Colorado we inherited. How do we do it? 100% of power comes from wind generated electricity. We utilize LED bulbs and high efficiency motors to use less electricity. We recycle 98% of paper, require 78% recycled content in our outgoing boxes, 96% of food processing waste is recycled, and 4000+ lbs of frying oil is turned into bio-diesel fuel.We use gentler soaps and cleaners to clean up every night too!


Nutritionally Responsible

We engineer tortillas and chips that are simply good for you. Nutritionally deliberate product targets include multi-grain, gluten free, low glycemic, caloric specific, vegan, high fiber, naturally flavored, and naturally sweetened. For example our Nacho Borrachos fried tortilla chips have the same calories as most baked tortilla chips. Our Sandwich Petals are lab verified gluten free, exactly 100 calories and low glycemic enough that Endocrinologists recommend them to diabetes patients.

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Premium Ingredients

Only premium brands make the cut here at Raquelitas. Every single ingredient is the highest grade available from around the globe, or from our own back yard. With each premium ingredient purchase we put our checkbook where our mouth is. Nothing in any of our tortillas or chips is bought based on low cost. To be in our box, you have to be the best!

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All of our ingredients at Raquelitas are non gmo or organic. If we can’t read it, we don’t want you to eat it! By extensively studying food science, we have developed superior high performance natural recipes utilizing natural ingredients instead of unhealthy chemicals. We have firmly planted our flag in the natural tortilla category, and rightly so as we have been here for decades, long before it was the cool thing to do. To us back then, it was the right thing to do.

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Executed to excite all your culinary senses- sight, smell, taste and mouthfeel. You will remember the aroma and taste of freshly baked artisan bread when you taste one of our flour tortillas. You will remember how simply delicious the robust taste of toasted real corn is when you munch on one of our chips. You will know before your first bite, you have found an entirely different type of tortilla and chip. Our flavorful tortillas and chips are the perfect canvas for your culinary masterpieces.

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Locally Sourced

Raquelitas is recognized by the Colorado Dept. of Agriculture and Colorado’s Governors office for our commitment to buying Colorado grown and processed ingredients. Our commitment to buying local is unmatched because it is truly a core value of our business. It has been estimated our business positively impacts the lives of over 750 Colorado families due to our high level of local purchases.

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Unique Ingredients

Unique healthy grains and chef inspired flavor combinations not found anywhere else. We obtain grains, custom milled flours, ingredients and flavors far ahead of the general bakery industry because of our long term relationships with farmers, mills and suppliers. When they develop new products, they know Raquelitas is the tortilla bakers they should bring it to first because we have the customers who crave unique new products.


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