Royal Crest Dairy

Royal Crest Dairy was founded in 1927 by Mr. & Mrs. Sam Thomas. The Miller family purchased Royal Crest in 1965. Under the leadership of Paul R. Miller, Royal Crest has maintained the same commitment to high quality dairy products followed by Mr. Paul Silas Miller 100 years ago. Today we have branches in Denver, Longmont, and Colorado Springs providing Colorado families with the highest quality milk and freshest dairy products available.

Royal Crest Dairy is located at 350 S. Pearl Street in Denver. We have had 2 major building projects over the years and have expanded greatly but have been in the original location since 1927. We are proud to be part of the Washington Park neighborhood for almost 100 years.

We deliver fresh, high quality dairy products and much more to households all along the Front Range. Our employees work diligently to ensure home deliveries occur before 7am each day, so our customers can enjoy their products first thing in the morning.

Royal Crest Dairy
350 Pearl St
Denver CO 80209
Phone: (303) 777-3055

Website: https://