The Modern Eater Show 03/31/18

Is your diet making you sick? Don’t miss this interview!

Carley Smith, The Fairy Gutmother is on the show tonight! Everyone’s health starts in their gut, and you might be eating things that are directly related to you not feeling well, even if what you’re eating is supposed to be healthy!

“In the Kitchen” with the one and only chef Justin Brunson from Old Major. Old Major is just one restaurant of Brunson & Co., a collection of Denver restaurants focusing on sourcing, quality, passion, preparation and presentation.

Joshua Bottini and Jared Leonard from Au Feu are in studio with brisket sandwiches! This Montreal inspired slow cooked meat haven inside Zeppelin Station is making waves with their delicious cuisine.

We have Emily Fletcher and Charlie Gottenkieny roaming around Collaboration Beer Fest 2018, and they’re checking in with us about all the delicious beer and fun from the festival! They catch up with Woodsboss Brewing Company and Jordan Fink, Resolute Brewing and Andrew Duvall, plus more!

Our Denver Craft Beer Week giveaway has s winner, and she’s in studio! Meet Kaylee, the latest winner of The Modern Eater’s giveaway!

Kyle Moyer is our newest writer for! Tune in to find out what Kyle will be writing about for his first “Booze in the News” article!

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