You can produce 400lbs of mushrooms in a week with one of these things! FarmBox Foods in Sedalia Colorado is changing the way we farm on earth!

Jake Ringstrom and Alex Albu with FarmBox Foods are showing us how they grow a variety of mushrooms and leafy greens in these shipping containers, and it’s really cool and educational!

If you’re looking for a different way to grow produce because of the weather or location or both, this might be your answer! Check them out at

Next up is something a little different than what you’re used to seeing on the show! Meet Fred. Fred is a collector of WWII jeeps, and he’s the landlord of Alex and Jake with FarmBox Foods!

Fred was nice enough to show off a few of his prize possession WW II jeeps, along with a history lesson about every detail! This is truly a historical, interesting, and fun couple of segments! Enjoy!

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