The Modern Eater Show 12/12/15
Arlan Preblud is in studio from a non profit organization called “We Don’t Waste” in Denver since 2009. Some places can’t donate because of legal reasons, find out who. Also how does Arlan get the food from one place to another.

Even though We Don’t Waste is a non profit organization, they need money to function. How many people does it take to run an organization like this, well Arlan is about to tell you. Non profit organizations have costs too, donations are appreciated. One in four kids go to bed hungry, Arlan is helping change that.

Greg talks about putting together an event with The Modern Eater and We Don’t Waste where we get some premier Denver chefs together to prepare food that would normally be wasted. Troy Guard has put “We Don’t Waste”‘s logo on his menus in all of his restaurants in support of what Arlan is doing. A ninety minute shower equals one tomato, listen to find out what that means.

It’s our “In the Kitchen” part of the show where we talk to a local chef during the Saturday night dinner rush. This week it’s Beth Parsons from Bon Appetit, listen to find out what she’s all about.

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