The Modern Eater Show 02/27/16

Greg and chef Jesper are up in Winter Park on remote from Strip & Tail restaurant to talk surf and turf not to mention the Basement bar below them, holy moly, you won’t believe what’s going on down stairs!! Owner Steve Bromberg comes on the show for a few mins during busy dinner rush to talk about what it’s like to survive in food and beverage in a resort town. Interesting stuff!

The atmosphere at Strip and Tail is awesome! The food is out of this world, and a must see place when driving through the mountains. Do you like prime rib? Chef Jesper approved at this place baby!

Chef Justin Brunson is opening up a new restaurant named Masterpiece Kitchen and we invited Justin on the show to promote it. Justin was unable to make his scheduled time so Greg and Jesper tap danced until their interview in the next segment with chef Paul Reilly. Live radio at it’s finest!! .

It’s time for our “In the Kitchen” segment with Paul Riley from beast + bottle. This guy is awesome and has change the way you look at food. Also, we’re thinking he will be one of the chefs involved in a special event coming up soon!! Also, don’t forget to have your eyes peeled for the openings of Paul and Aileen’s new restaurant, Coperta!

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