The Colorado food and drink scene is blowing up.  Blowing. Up.  Have you noticed?  Every week, there are new restaurants, bars, special events, and festivals featuring the local best of the best.  Follow me as I chase down the places to be in Colorado for hyper-local food, drink, and community. 


Now, why exactly is Emmy On It?  I believe food, community, and happiness are intrinsically linked.  We live in an incredible state for food.  Colorado has unbelievable agricultural resources, and so many talented and passionate individuals are creating incredible things using these local resources.  Restaurants are sourcing meats from the next town over; pastry chefs are baking with honey made down the street; brewers are partnering with local colleges to source hops; and distillers are developing entire recipes based on botanicals grown by partnering gardeners.  Hyper-local is a powerful movement, and as the end consumer, you are an influential player in this symbiotic cycle.  Like it or not, where you eat and drink is a statement of what you support.  It’s not only an economical statement, but also an ideological statement of your values. Eating and drinking with others is also an important factor in creating community.  “Breaking bread” builds relationships, and what better way to meet new people and form closer bonds with your friends and family than over a plate of awesome food or a glass of your favorite drink?     


I will be on the go checking out the scene, and our calendar will be full of events for you to attend.  Do you have an event to share, a restaurant you’re intrigued by, a new brewery in your neighborhood?  Drop us a line!  We’d love to cover it and share its unique story

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