The Modern Eater Show 04/14/18

Is the honey your buying at the store really honey?

It’s no secret that honey is good for your body in many ways, but that’s only if it’s really honey! There are many honey products on the market that are cut with corn syrup, and cooked to the point that they lose their health benefits. This is why we welcomed Nick French from Colorado Hemp Honey to the show last week to help us learn the difference between real raw honey vs. the other stuff.

Colorado Hemp Honey















Honey helps with digestion, and so does The Fairy Gutmother! Carley Smith came back to the show to talk gut protocol with The Modern Eater. She has us in the beginning stages of a gut health protocol that is designed specifically to our individual bodies. Listen to the show every week to follow our progress!

Carley Smith, The Fairy Gutmother















If community is important to you like it is to us, then you need to check out Resolute Brewing Company. Andrew Duvall, community beer man, brought some delicious craft beer and talked to us about their community and why it’s part of their business to be so involved.

Adam Duvall, Resolute Brewing Company, Community Beer Man













777, Jackpot! Have you been up the hill to Black Hawk recently? There’s more than just gambling happening up there, it’s time for the Black Hawk Casino Chef Cook Off! Sarah Beatty, Vice President of M&C Communications invites you to this awesome event to showcase the chefs and food scene the casinos are offering in Black Hawk!

Sarah Beatty, Vice President, M&C Communications












Our feature segment “In the Kitchen” with chef Daniel Asher from Acreage is a good one! We jump chef Daniel on a busy Saturday night in the kitchen from Acreage in Lafayette to talk more about his philosophy on “slow food” and hospitality in the restaurant business. Here’s a great article from Emily Fletcher on chef Daniel and Acreage!

Chef Daniel Asher (left) and Eric Foster from Acreage












Listen to the show that was broadcast live on 04-14-18! Support your local community!

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