What’s better than a road trip with your friends?! Not much, but if you add in exploring the sexy curves of Colorado and eating and drinking up all she has to offer, I fully believe life can’t get much better. Although the thought of being cooped up in an Air Stream for 8 days with 2 other middle-age men may seem overwhelming at times to my habit-formed constitution, I can’t help but think my soul needs this. How can you be a Modern Eater if you don’t know what you are consuming? My love for local and all of the extraordinary products this state produces makes me want to learn as much as I can, with the hope I am able to support my community, and eat and drink with an informed purpose. With that said, I think it’s time to hit the road and take in as much as I can.

As you know, I have a passion for featuring the amazing men and woman in our local food and drink biz. That thirst of mine built The Modern Eater Network which has allowed me and my crew to meet and network with so many great industry people. I am so stoked to say that people are catching on and the need to know where their food is coming from, and who produces and prepares it, is at an all-time high. More and more consumers care about sourcing, sustainability, keeping their money in the community, how their produce and protein is cultivated, and where it comes from. People want to make sure that the values they possess hold up where they shop and dine.

The guys of The Modern Eater (Greg Hollenback, Jay Parker and Growers Organic’s Brian Freeman) will be hitting the road for a solid week (June 2nd-10th) in order to connect Coloradoans to their food and drink. We will be doing what we do best: creating content. Our week-long mission is to visit as many Colorado farms, ranches, breweries, wineries, and distilleries as humanly possible. We will take tons of photos and conduct audio and video interviews, and then we will quickly fire out this amazing content on the TME show on iHeart radio; on our Facebook and Instagram live streams; on our YouTube TV channel; and we will blog on themoderneater.com Make sure you watch for our adventures. I think you will love what you see.

It gets better, and here’s where you come in!

After you consume all of the amazing Colorado content that we produce, our hope is that you’ve built up an appetite as well. I’ve been called a lot of things, but a tease isn’t one of them. We’re not just heading out to take pictures and videos. We are heading out so we can learn as much as we can in order to feed you the best that Colorado has to offer – all summer long!

With that said, The Modern Eater’s Summer Dinner Series is born! Every Tuesday starting June 3rd for 8 weeks straight, TME will be serving up the most exciting, well-thought-out, intimate dinners Denver has ever seen. These dinners will be an experience impossible to duplicate. Brought to you in part by the best of the best in local produce providers, Growers Organic, and a portion of the proceeds will help fund the ACF’s Colorado Chefs Associations Apprenticeship Program, you will be supporting hyper local while you eat and drink.

Picture this…

  • Top chefs in Colorado cooking for you (literally, we have Top Chef Season 15 contestants Brother Luck and Carrie Baird each doing a dinner).
  • Chef’s table experience. Watch the chef cook just a few feet away from your table.
  • 5-course plated dinner, and each course will be paired with a different delicious Colorado craft beer.
  • Carefully created menus by the chef with only the finest Colorado products.
  • Cocktail hour before dinner featuring Colorado distilled spirits.
  • Listen to the chef, brewers, distillers, farmers and ranchers speak as you eat. Don’t worry about hearing them; we will have everyone all mic’ed up and filmed for easy viewing.
  • Don’t be shy! This intimate dinner will be streamed on the internet so we can make your friends jealous.

The full chef lineup for the dinners and menus will be posted shortly. We hope you can follow along as we motor through Colorado, and I hope to see you at the dinners. I know we’ll have a lot to talk about.

Buckle in and get ready for a tasty summer!

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