Need a laugh today? We’re cooking with a comic!

But first…
Three bills specific to restaurant relief passed at a special legislative session! What does that mean?

Tune in, We’re talking with Nick Hoover Manager of Government Affairs with the Colorado Restaurant Association about what kind of relief and how to get it!

Cooking with comedians is happening on this show! Meet comedian Ben Kronberg, and yes, he’s making a grilled cheese and Miracle Whip sandwich…

What goes great with grilled cheese? Well Sake of course! William Stuart from the Colorado Sake Co. is here!

This Colorado Springs distillery is doubling their whiskey production because we just can’t get enough! Distillery 291 is back, and Philip Rawleigh will tell us exactly what they’re up to!

Little Richard Schneider is a spirit guide for so many in our community, and we’re catching up with him from Raquelitas Tortillas today!

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