The Modern Eater Show 06/18/16

Food trucks are all the rage these days, especially in Denver. Some of the best are at a great event! Where? Tune in to find out! Three of them are on this show, let’s start with The Real Deal food truck and Hannah Olmstead.

Now it’s time for Ty Armstrong from Simply Pizza food truck, if you haven’t seen this truck or tasted the pizza, you’re missing out on an experience that will shock you. Listen to find out where to find them, other than the Cherry Creek Arts Festival!

Couch potato? More like radio potato! On the show now is Travis Howard with Spud Nation, and trust me, he knows potatoes. Find out where you can get the best potato based food on the planet! If you a french fry lover, you have to check these guys out.

There’s story in the news about a guy leaving a $1000 tip for a server changing their life! He came back the next day and got it back. The Trash Man has an interesting view on this story, tune in to hear it.

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