This week on The Modern Eater Show we were hunting wabbits! Jefferson Farms Products came up from Salida Colorado with some delicious rabbits for the chefs to cook with!

Also chef Lorena Cantarovici from Maria Empanadas makes her return to Studio Kitchen Colorado to show off her empanada Gallega, a flat tuna based empanada! Lorena cooked these delicious empanadas in our Hestan oven from Desert Peak Marketing!

Chefs Chito Arreola from Las Delicias, Mark Whistler from The Goods Restaurant, and Brandon Becker from Cirque Kitchen are all in studio cooking rabbit in different ways using The Big Green Egg, an awesome Everdure Grill from Proud Souls Barbecue and Provisions!

Don’t forget about beer! Dr. Javi Perez from Cheluna Brewing is back on the show to go a little crazy with his outstanding Colorado craft beer!

Chef Brandon Becker, Cirque Kitchen

Chef Brandon Becker, Cirque Kitchen

Dr. Javi Perez Cheluna Brewing (left) and chef Chito Arreola from Las Delicias Uptown

Chef Chito showing off his rabbit dish!

Chef Brandon Becker putting together his rabbit dish!

Empanadas in the making!

Stuffed mushrooms from chef Mark Whistler at The Goods Restaurant

Little Rich and Jane Levene from Jefferson Farms Products talking rabbit!

Chef Chito Arreola and Jane Levene talking rabbit too!

Jane Levene, Jefferson Farms Products, Salida Colorado.

Dr. Javi Perez isn't short on beer or personality! Owner, Cheluna Brewing in the Stanley Marketplace.

They're doing something with their shoes...

Lorena Cantarovici, Maria Empanadas

Lorena Cantarovici putting together her empanadas Gallega!

Lorena Catarovici and Victor Arango putting together some delicious empanadas! Maria Empanadas

Empanadas cooked in our beautiful Hestan oven from Desert Peak Marketing!

Chef Mark Whistler checking his temps!

The Spice Guy seasoning from Proud Souls Barbecue and Provisions

Jefferson Farms Products rabbit!

Stuffed mushrooms, with rabbit and blue cheese. Chef Mark Whistler, The Goods Restaurant on Colfax.

Chef Mark Whistler, The Goods Restaurant.

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