When Cardi B sang about making money moves in Bodak Yellow, she must have had chef Dana Rodriguez in mind. Chef Rodriguez is plenty busy with her two existing concepts in Work and Class and SuperMegaBien as well as the highly anticipated January opening of her newest project Cantina Loca. That would be more than enough for most people but chef Dana isn’t like most people, she is “loca,” as her nickname describes her. But we think she’s crazy like a fox.

“Loca’s” most recent move is to team up with the new owners of Casa Bonita. The creators of the TV show South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, know talent when they see it. Making chef Rodriguez an offer she couldn’t refuse to be executive chef/partner of the “Disney Land of Mexican restaurants” was an easy decision for duo. 

Revamping the defunct Casa Bonita won’t be an easy task though, but chef Dana is up for the challenge. In this episode of The Modern Eater chef Dan Rodriguez visits with Greg Hollenback to talk about what it’s going to take to put Casa Bonita back on the map as a destination Mexican Restaurant in Colorado. “Change nothing and improve everything” seems to be the motto as this dream team barrels forward with lofty goals for the end of summer or fall reopening of Casa Bonita. But with all the changes in the works one goal remains clear for chef Dana… MAKE THE FOOD BETTER. How is she going to do that? You should probably tune in and find out. 

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