If you ever get invited to a The Modern Eater networking event, don’t walk, RUN to that effer! 3 things you can count on every time at a TME gathering is business networking, community, and first in class products that turn into dank meals and libations prepared by our hard working Colorado chefs and bartenders.

The Modern Eater barrels into our 7th year of business and we couldn’t be more excited to continue to serve our food service community. At this event, TME launched a new show segment called “Show and Tell,” and we were thrilled to make the announcement of our new home at “The Chefs Playground” with our partner Elevation Reps!

Foodservice Networking

Colorado chefs cooking at the Show and Tell

Rich O'Brien, Shelby and Alex showing off Cambro

Sawatch Artisan Foods Mac-n-cheese

Chef James Doxon made these rendered fat candles.

Little chefs bites

Sweet Alex taking a rare picture

River Bear Meats on display

River Bear Meats T-bones

Nate Rockwood and Jeff Gebott mugging for the camera

Harper Family Lamb display

Harper Family Lamb Stew

The Harper Family!

Colorado Media School Student

Nate Rockwood drinking a Bruz Beer

This event truly was a stone soup effort where everyone invited contributed something and the results can be seen in the content in this post. Recognizing everyone in this post alone would be impossible so we will be posting various posts and stories throughout the week so you can get full value of the magic that took place. If you have a business in the food and beverage space and would like to be involved in future TME shows and events just email us (contact info at the bottom.) We’d love to help you tell your story.

Shout outs to our partners, chefs and product purveyors who made this gathering pop off in The Modern Eater fashion!

We were honored to have a talented line-up of chefs that creating our stone soup. Chefs, James Doxon – Roadhouse Hospitality Group (Vibe concepts), Justin Brunson – River Bear American Meats, Zurisadai Resendiz – Shanahan’s Steak House, Jeff Gebott – BBQ Beyond Driven, Elevation Reps chefs and Nathan Rockwood – Grey Wolf Resort. It’s always a thrill to know the story behind the food we eat.

Show and Tell presenters and contributors: The Spice Guy Colorado Mills Sunflower Products Sawatch Artisan Foods Raquelitas Tortillas River Bear American Meats Bruz Beers Golden Moon Distillery Carboy Winery Harper Family Lamb Boss Defrost Element Knife Company Frontier Trout Ranch Colorado Media School Little Man Ice Cream

Other TME partners who contributed but were unable to attend Aspen Baking Royal Crest Dairy Ardent Mills Swick & Associates, LLC

Thank you to everyone!

Sign up for the next business Show and Tell by emailing greg@themoderneater.com

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